Time to get on with it

Time to get on with it Moving from theory to practice 11.5 weeks have passed since my last blog, so an update is in order. A lot has happened in the intervening 3 months; Oxford shoed the tabs, again, I got on my first flight for nearly three years(!!) to visit my cousin in Amsterdam […]

One step forward, two steps back

One step forward, two steps back The trials and tribulations of finding a co-founder Welcome to the 3rd edition of From Scratch. The last couple of weeks have been hectic and a bit of a roller coaster. Finding a co-founder isn’t easy but how privileged am I for that to be the main cause of stress […]

Slow down, to speed up

Slow down, to speed up T-minus 9 weeks I hope you all enjoyed the first edition of From Scratch and thank you for all the messages and words of encouragement! Please do share with anybody that’s interested in the world of entrepreneurship. But first an apology; I promised a week 1 reflection would be in your inboxes […]

Antler UK5

Antler UK5 Why Entrepreneurship? Welcome to From Scratch, my first stab at blogging. Do please go easy on me! I’ve long enjoyed tech and entrepreneurship content, particular shout out to Acquired and Benedict Evans, and have always loved the idea of creating something myself, without necessarily knowing what my angle would be. I’ve also read […]